2013 Super Bowl Commercials

I would like comments on this, please.

Does anyone but me wonder how advertisers can spend the billions they do for the stupid, infantile commercials produced by advertising agencies?

I listened to the television programming of a great football game between the 49ers and the Ravens on Sunday. Being totally blind, I don’t mute the commercials because I have no way of knowing when the game comes back on. I feel slighted that I, as a blind person, am considered unimportant and irrelevant by these advertisers. Have you noticed as I have, that most of the commercials don’t even mention the name of the product or the company they are promoting, and why, pray tell, does the noise, the songs, the sounds have to override the whispering, mumbling, speed-talking and even sometimes shouting, actors trying to deliver a message? I listened intently, and tried desperately to reconcile the screeching, the burping (I think), the scratching, the crumbling, the tire squealing, the undecipherable grunts, groans, moans and silliness, to the relevancy of the message. What gibberish and nonsense! How can they have the audacity to spend the money they spend on this stuff to encourage us to buy their products and then whine when profits are low?

Am I just a grouch, or am I correct in my thinking that advertisers might show a better bottom line if they treated prospective customers with a little more intelligence?

Bess Meyerson, where are you?

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