Update and Observations


Excitement is rising again! My favorite performer, Mike Ortego (http://www.mikeortego.com/), has begun audio production of my second novel in the Cat Touchette series, Cat and Mouse, A Second Cajun Tale! Upon completion of that project, the audio book will be available at http://www.audible.com/ and Mike will begin working on our third project, The Clock Struck One. Each of these books is already available in print or Kindle EBook, and Cat and Dog, A Cajun Tale, is already available at audible.com as an audio book.

For those of you who have a long commute to work, I think you would enjoy beginning and ending your day with Cat and his friends, especially given Mike Ortego’s excellent presentation of the Cajun characters. Audio books also make great gifts to friends and family, clients, and libraries.

Just back from a wonderful vacation on Oahu, Hawaii. Our beachfront cottage on Nimitz Beach at Barber’s Point near Pearl City is an excellent retreat for isolation, contemplation, rejuvenation, and relaxation. The wind was a little obstinate and not always cooperative, but we enjoyed the warm temperature that replaced the near blizzard conditions back in Colorado. Will have pictures soon on Face Book, so check them out.

Great news that the Senate finally confirmed Chuck Hagel and that he has begun his duties as Secretary of Defense. The Senate should be ashamed of delaying other nominations using its power of the filibuster. The President deserves swift confirmation of his appointees so that the tasks of running the country can move along and either fail or succeed. The people, who apparently trust his judgment, elected him, but a few Republicans, whose sole purpose is to make President Obama look bad, defy the people with their arrogance and self-centered motives. God, please let us enjoy the return of the statesman!

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