Been Travelling

Recently travelled to Louisiana to visit my dear sister, came home, then travelled to Chicago to visit Lorraine’s sister. I visited with a promising young writer, “A”. I have been critiquing his work for several months and I have no doubt he will some day appear on a best sellers list.


Finally, after some issues with,all three of my books are now available as audio books. Mike Ortego did a fantastic job performing the books, and we hope to collaborate again soon.


Believe it or not, this old bird is learning to tweet! I still have some more tutoring needed, but hopefully will be a full-fledged little bird! Remember the old song from the 50’s, “Rockin’ Robin”? (of course, you don’t) I can’t help but think of it whenever I deal with Twitter. Look for promotional activities when you like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I am considering some “give-aways” and other ways to promote book sales. You could benefit. Stay tuned, and please tell all of your friends and acquaintances about my books. Your efforst are greatly appreciated. Thank y’all!


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Until next time, “Lâche pas la patat!” J.O.T.


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