God Is Good


And it really gave us a scare. Coloradoans came together as family during the tragic events of the flash floods September 12, 2013 through September 16, 2013, and efforts continue to clean up the mess and get people back in their homes. Our entire subdivision was evacuated, but Lorraine and I chose to remain in our home. We lost power, so phones were dead, and cell phones worked when we finally realized they could be recharged in the car. We were isolated, water all around us, but the yard only received a minute amount of water around the edges, and the crawl space under the house, and the house remained dry. Lorraine functioned like a champ! Meals, including morning coffee and breakfast, were prepared on the propane gas grill on the deck, our water remained pure, and the toilets never quit working. At the beginning of events on Thursday, we were fortunate enough to allow some people who live to the East of us about six or seven doors down, to come in out of the rain and waist high water, into our home to dry up, warm up, and try to reach members of their families while they waited for rescue vehicles to bring them to the rescue center. All of our neighbors suffered some degree of damage, but all are safe and well. I am still amazed at how fortunate Lorraine and I are!

The day after electrical power was restored to our community, I kept my appointment for some minor back surgery. Returned home on Thursday after two nights in hospital, and because of Lorraine’s excellent care and attention, recovery progressing well. Hopefully, I will be pain free after surgical trauma wears off in 10 to 14 days. Wish me luck!

Doing well. Sales are not as brisk as we would like, but readers so far very pleased with the $2.99 purchase from http://www.amazon.com/kdp book store/ This collaboration was the second by Lorraine and me, the compilation of my families’ histories being the first. It was a fun project, and for those readers who could care less about memories and incidents in a person’s life, there is a section completely dedicated to created short stories, with contributions from each of us. We think you will be entertained!

The newly designed web site http://www.jamesorytheall.com/ is in working order again. We’ve added a new page and provide a little more information about what we do. Check it out. I think you will like it!

THANKS…to all of our families, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and others for their concern, kind words, and good wishes during the flooding and my surgery. I still find Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn difficult to navigate, so I don’t always respond correctly, but I do appreciate your comments and support. More to come in a few days. Au revoir! J.O.T.

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