Republican Position on Affordable Care Act

A majority of the American people, according to several polls, is in favor of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The degree of favorability varies among the responders depending on whether the questions were asked about “Obama Care” or “Affordable Care Act” or “ACA”, but either way, the majority of the people polled was in favor and supports President Obama’s efforts to make health care available and affordable to every single American!

The Affordable Care Act was passed by the Congress of the United States after much heated debate. The United States Supreme Court declared it was legal in every detail. Americans had an opportunity to reject ACA in the last Presidential election, but chose instead to endorse it.

Does any of that matter to Republican leaders, Senator Cruz, his Republican supporters in the Senate, and his Tea Party cohorts in the House? Not at all. I would like to call Senator Cruz, “the gentleman from Texas”, but in my opinion, he does not deserve the respect. In fact, that phrase from the Senate of bygone years is seldom heard anymore.

Opponents of President Obama, are so single-mindedly set on discrediting the twice-elected leader of the free world, that they have ignored the wishes and the well-being of Americans, and are hell-bent on destroying the President’s hard work of the long overdue revamping of the health care system in our country! Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for President in the 2012 election, as governor of Massachusetts, implemented the model used by President Obama for the Affordable Care Act, referred to as “Obama Care” by Republicans. Even Mr. Romney’s running mate, Vice Presidential candidate, Representative Paul Ryan, proposed the same solutions offered by President Obama in the already passed law.

The Republican senators and the Tea Party upstarts in the House of Representatives have done little to reform health care. If existent, the “Cruz American Care Act”, or the “Conservative Agenda Care Act”, each bears, in my opinion, the appropriate acronym “CACA”. Their one and only purpose is to destroy the President, not to provide Americans with affordable health care! Their program, “CACA”, supports the status quo.

Some members of the Republican party, attached to leashes held by the pharmaceutical and insurance mega-corporations, and the billionaire racists who froth at the mouth when they realize they live under the leadership of an African American president, use every method known to them, regardless of the ethics, to bring the President down.

Many politicians have entered the 21st century with a serious lack of statesmanship and complete disregard for ethical or polite behavior. As far as they are concerned, anything that prevents the achievement of their selfish goals deserves to be unmercifully crushed.

We’ve sent members of the Senate and the House of Representatives to Washington to conduct our country’s affairs, and to implement our wishes, but they don’t seem to get it! They think, in my opinion, that they are there to gain power, money, and influence. I’ve said before that a successful democracy cannot survive unless elected officials can practice the art of compromise. The art is rapidly disappearing from the hallowed halls of Congress and we should not be surprised when our system of government collapses because of the stubborn ignorance of billionaire-backed politicians.

Now, the government is shut down, not because of an honest difference of opinion between the parties, but because one party refuses to compromise and will use methods as extreme as bringing government services to a halt in attempts to discredit President Obama. In my opinion, Americans are much more intelligent than the Republicans think and the plans of the radical members of Congress will backfire.

The shutdown of the government of the greatest nation in the world is tragic and it remains to be seen if the oldest constitution of a nation will continue to be the basis of our freedom or if the totalitarian-like shysters will occupy the seats of power over a struggling population.

Let’s resolve to give our President now and in 2014, the help he needs from Congress to fulfill the promises that were responsible for the mandate he received in the 2012 election. So many of our young people have made the ultimate sacrifice to obtain and preserve our democracy. We cannot ignore what they have given over the past 250 years! Let’s reclaim our great country from the relatively few billionaires who are attempting to rip it from our grasp. Demand more responsible action from your Congress. It’s up to you, America!

A votre santé…..J.O.T.


published author, louisiana cajun, blind, former resident of Omaha, NE, retired, married, father, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, member longmont writers club
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2 Responses to Republican Position on Affordable Care Act

  1. Don says:

    OK, Dad, now I have to reply. I told you before that I hope I was wrong and this would work. So far, I-we’re- not seeing it. Our GROUP policy- not individual- has gone up by TWO THIRDS through Blue Cross. All indication through our banker, investement counselor, insurer, and friends that are doctors tell us that the AFC act will come after our group policy, because they will need the funds to support it. Obama flat out lied- I don’t care how he tries to spin it- and we’re getting hammered. I hope this is not just a power grab, but it’s sure looking like it. Again, I hope I’m wrong.


    • Don, I’m not clear on what you are saying. Be more specific. Did you change your group policy to Blue Cross? If so, why, and is that why your premiums went up. If not, what was Blue Cross’ reason for increasing premiums? About the President “out and out lying”please clarify. What are the lies?

      I’m sure as a small business owner, if your costs go up, that’s not good, but on the other hand, when this policy is in full swing, don’t you think that every American having provisions for health care a good thing? It might not be for you, but surely, you can see the benefitt to society as a whole. I would think that you will be able to adjust your payroll and your prices to reflect the additional costs to you, if any, and while it might hurt for a few months, in the long run, it will all settle down and I think this is a good thing!

      There is no denying that the Republicans in Congress are trying their darndest to make President Obama look bad.

      Thanks for your comments. J.O.T.


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