Disappointed But Not Disillusioned

REFLECTIONS FROM THE DARKNESS: Disappointed, But Not Disillusioned

President Obama’s re-structuring of our government’s health care policies is struggling for survival; a sad commentary on the Congress of the United States! In his enthusiastic effort to get the American Care Act (tagged by Republicans as “Obama Care”), the President unfortunately made some promises that may have been somewhat premature. He probably should have done a bit more research and not relied on advisors before making the promise that insured Americans could keep their present coverage if they so chose, a promise that turned out to be disastrous to the President and Obama Care. Rightly, President Obama has accepted responsibility for having made the statement, and is urging insurance companies to reverse their course of action of cancelling policies currently in effect that do not meet federal regulations, and has offered to extend deadlines to allow insurance companies to accomplish this. The overwhelming task of review and re-issuing of policies by insurance companies was not anticipated by the authors of the American Care Act, and now Republicans in Congress are delighted that the President is struggling for survival of one of his major accomplishments during his presidency. Likewise, Democratic Congressmen are abandoning the President for fear of losing their precious jobs. How sad!

I cannot remember in my almost eighty-one years as an American, ever observing the Legislative Branch of our government acting in such an irresponsible manner. Our Congress continues to favor foreign aid totaling enough to eliminate the budget deficit, but the President’s opposition continues to support that and in a very partisan manner, deny much needed health care to our own citizens. I just do not understand such a position, except to view it as just another means of denying the duly elected head of our country a chance to make his plan of affordable health care for all Americans available, a plan which has already insured multitudes of uninsured students and here-to-fore uninsurable Americans with no exemptions for pre-existing conditions. The Congress should be ashamed of themselves!

Insurance companies are also culpable in that they were aware of what they would do if Obama Care was passed, and they failed to inform the President that his statements of Americans being able to keep their current coverage if they so chose was a wrong assumption, and all of the mess now threatening the Affordable Care Act could have been avoided if they had stepped up sooner and advised the President of his mis-statement.

I find it very depressing that the desire for political influence and power, and concern for higher and higher bottom lines by large insurance companies is depriving our President of implementing his program. I reiterate that Obama Care is law passed by the Congress, declared legal by the U.S. Supreme Court, and mandated by the Presidential election of 2012, and this blatant attempt by Congress to diminish the President’s legacy is sad indeed! Hopefully, though, Americans will awaken in time to right this terrible wrong.

A votre santé. J.O.T.

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