Progress Report


The internal proof for “Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3” has been approved and is in the publisher’s hands. The cover is approved as well, and Lorraine and I can hardly wait to have it completed in time for a major book signing in Longmont at the library on April 12, 2014. About fifty authors will be there for an afternoon of camaraderie and discussions with readers. The event went well last year and we look forward to this April 12, 2014, event.

Lorraine has also been working to get “Reflections on Life and Love”, now only available as an EBook (Kindle), but soon to be available in print as well. This is the work on which Lorraine and I collaborated and we’ve been getting nice reviews.


I’ve been using the “waiting time” for the books in progress to get press releases, announcements, etc., together. Most of that is done and ready to send, so I’m using the balance of the time to formulate a solid plot and an outline for the second Mike Delo adventure. I’m excited about it, and I think it will be better than the first one. Stay tuned.


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A votre santé! J.O.T.


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