Progress Being Made

I’m excited!
The audio edition of “Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3” is in production. Audio engineers have approved the submission by Dermot Daly and me, and the book should be available for sale at’s Litter Cajun Tale #3 within the next ten business days. Please tell your family, friends (and enemies), associates, and whomever else you speak with. Dermot Daly has done a magnificent job of producing this book. The narrative is in Tee Man’s person, and Dermot has performed him and the other characters to perfection. Look for the audio edition, listen to the sample, and then buy it for yourself even if you’ve read it (it’s different as an audio book, trust me!). Order one as a gift for a friend or family member.

Mike Delo off to a new adventure…
My new novel, working title “Two Rivers”, the second of the Mike Delo series is off to a great start. I’m about a quarter of the way through the story and I’m almost certain that readers will find it difficult to put down once they start reading it. It’s a bit early, but BOLO for the book. It hopefully will be available by November 1, 2014, or earlier if I can put in more time on it, but I think that would be an optimistic point of view!

Reflections on Life and Love…
This collaboration by Lorraine and me is still available as an EBook on on Life and Love for only $2.99. This collection of childhood and later memories, as well as creative fiction by each of us has been accepted as “a great read” by some of our readers. The following is an excerpt from the collection:

Lorraine M. Theall
Spring came gradually, like a sleeping cat opening one eye at a time, then slowly stretching and yawning awake. It seemed we would never see anything but brown and white again. The snow was beginning to melt and run in the gutters so there were large puddles at every intersection.
The day was sunny and bright, but not yet warm. I was glad to be wearing my hated rubber boots because they allowed me to slosh through the puddles and not get wet. I knew I would have the ugly mark on the back of my legs where the boots rubbed as I walked.
Carefully and slowly, I waded through the largest puddles so as not to cause ripples and distortions in the water. In the still water…

Robin will be missed…
What a great loss! Robin Williams was a talent beyond the definition of the word. Not only was he a great comedian, but a terrific and significant dramatic actor as well! I particularly enjoyed his performance in “The Cage”. It will be a while before a replacement for this man is found.

Summer slipping away…
Lorraine and I are enjoying summer. Family visited, and Lorraine traveled to Omaha with her sister for a family wedding. Weather here in Colorado has been very nice and we hope to have many more enjoyable evenings on our deck with the beautiful view of Long’s Peak and the mighty Rocky Mountains!

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A votre santé!


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