I’ve neglected the blog for much too long. Priorities sometimes get muddled. Accomplishing everything a person wants to accomplish during the span of a week only works when that person has the good sense to not take on more activities than he can handle. Enough said. You get the point. I’ll try to do better in the future.

if such action denies another’s rights? Much has been said about our “rights” as Americans. How many times have you heard the statement, “I have a right to do this?” How often have you asserted your right to sit and enjoy a meal or a cocktail in a public place, only to have cigarette smoke invade your space and curtail your enjoyment? Did you think that your rights were being violated? Did you think the smoker had the right to his cigarette or cigar? Were you pleased when petitioners and voters exercised their rights and took action to have smoking banned by law in public places? Yes, you say, second hand smoke endangers the life of those who ingest it. Good point, I say.
Each of us has the right to sit on our patio, deck, in our living room, or kitchen to enjoy a cocktail or a good book, the LSU Tigers or Denver Broncos football game on satellite radio, or a quiet conversation with a loved one or a friend.
Pilots certainly have the right to fly their planes, assuming they have acquired the necessary skills and licensing. Skydivers, as well, have the right to, in my opinion, foolishly risk their lives jumping out of airplanes and floating uselessly to the ground for the sheer pleasure of it. Our next-door neighbor absolutely has the right to own a dog, and to allow it to roam freely in its own back yard. However, should the rights of the pilots be denied because the excessive noise generated by the circling planes prevents us from enjoying our patios, decks, living rooms, and kitchens? Should the ascent and descent of skydivers be allowed when interruption of satellite signals occurs only when these activities take place? Should the rights of the neighbor to own a dog be curtailed just because the animal barks constantly and infringes on our right to a stress-free, tranquil environment?
We often forget that with “rights” we have “responsibilities.” We abuse our freedoms by irresponsible exercising of our constitutional rights with little consideration of the rights of others. Is the danger to our health from constant stress from above described situations, or the imminent danger of planes colliding in mid-air, or the possible horror of watching a sky-diver candlestick to his death or horrible injury, as bad as the danger of second hand cigarette or cigar smoke or a legally licensed automobile driver speeding or crossing the yellow line, endangering the lives of others? I say it is, and unless people take the responsibility of exercising their rights with concern for the rights of others, we should ban their activities through legislation!
What do you think? Leave a comment.

Was delightful again this year! On Sunday, Lorraine and I attended the kick-off event – a Flamenco guitarist, dancers, and singers. They drew a nice crowd. We had front-row seats and got to visit with the performers after the show.
Monday night, we attended the event when all of the local authors who have work included in the library’s anthology,”You Belong 2015,” got to read some of the work to the audience. Since my Braille skills are no longer existent, Lorraine read each of our pieces. She did a marvelous job as usual!
Several activities took place during the week – workshop for writers, children’s hours, etc. – and culminated on Saturday with the book signing by local authors, followed by a small reception and sort of “get together” for the authors.
The library staff and volunteers did a marvelous job of making the week’s activities possible and deserve many kudos!

Too many activities, and I’m suffering from a serious “writer’s block.” The novel has hit a brick wall, and I’ve had to struggle to write a couple of short stories for Writers Club assignments. I hope that I’ll get back on track and finish the book, or maybe, I’ll just let it sit and work on a new project, which keeps drifting in and out of my head, interfering with my concentration on the current project. Absolutely maddening!

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A votre santé! J.O.T.


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