Back Again!


are not always realized. My hope of having “Murder At Two Rivers,” my newest Mike Delo novel, will probably not be available until mid-October or November 1, 2015. L An unanticipated set – back : I spent most of the month of August in the hospital with seven fractures on four ribs, and as if that was not enough, returned for a couple of days in September! I’m home now, doing well, and Lorraine and I are working like crazy to get each of our books published and ready for sale. I anticipate that you will harvest acres of pleasure from Sophie and Jenny in Lorraine’s new book (working title “Growing Young Together”), and of course, enjoy the antics and sleuthing of Mike Delo and Smokey in my new “Murder At Two Rivers.” Bear with us, please. Here’s a little teaser from the murder mystery:


‘…We moved on past a couple more empty cubicles, and I found myself staring at the latest addition to Leon’s human resources. Her silky auburn hair, styled in a short cut that reached just a bit below the top of her collar framed her slightly oval face. Alert green eyes, reminding me of emeralds, gave me the once over, then she turned her attention to Leon. “. You’re working late tonight, Loo,” she said, flashing a row of white teeth, perfect in every way except for one of her incisors – the one on the right – crossing over the tooth next to it just enough to be noticed.

“I’m about ready to wrap it up, Smokey. Hope you guys have a quiet evening.”

“Me, too.” She glanced at me again, then back to Leon. “Who’s your shadow, there? He looks like a cop. He work in traffic or Internal Affairs?” She grinned.

“Mike Delo, this is Detective Alicia Smolinsky. You have a good eye, Alicia. Delo’s an ex-cop. He’s private now, and always trying to get me to solve one of his cases. Keep a close eye when he’s around,” Leon said.

“Nice to meet you, Detective. You’re a welcome addition to this bunch of humdrum geezers.”

Leon rolled his eyes and moved on to distribute more paper, but I held back, feeling like a blushing, grinning teenager.

She cocked her head to one side, and smiled. “Thank you. I’m not sure you made points with the boss. Actually, they’re really a nice group to work with,” she said.

“I guess. When did you start?”

“Just this week. I happened to be in the right place, blah, blah when the new budget was issued, and, well, here I am.” She spread her arms wide, revealing a substantial set of breasts tugging at the buttons of her blouse. Enough to make a baby cry!

Leon made his way back and gave me a gentle shove towards his office. “Come on. Let my help get back to work.”

“Er, ah, maybe we can get together for a drink later, Detective, unless of course, Old Iron Pants here has got you chained to the desk,” I said.

She chuckled and waved a business card at me. “Call me. We’ll see, and by the way, most folks call me Smokey.”

I gave her the two-finger salute with her card held between my index and middle fingers, turned, and followed Leon, a wide grin on my face as I shoved the card into my shirt pocket. I’ll bet she really did smoke under the right conditions. Man, she’s hot!

“I’m all done here. You eat yet?” Leon asked.

“Just had a great meal with Cholly and Mom. Two helpings of sauerkraut and potato dumplings with roast pork.”

“I’m in the mood for some of Julio’s good Mexican food. Meet me at the El Toro. I’ll eat, and you can have some coffee and tell me what you’re after.”

“Can I bring Smokey?”

Alvarez shook his head and grabbed his jacket. “Harrumph! Give it up. Get your ass moving. I’m hungry.”

I laughed and headed toward the exit. I managed a glance over my shoulder, but Smokey was no longer at her desk. I shoved my way through the doors, down the steps, got into my Rendezvous, and drove to South Omaha, fantasizing…’






A few months after they “joined forces,” as they both spoke of their arrangement, Jenny and Sophie were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea (decaf, of course) while they talked over the events of their day. For dinner. Sophie had baked a delicious, creamy quiche and served it with a fruit salad. Jenny had loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the stove and kitchen counters. They could relax now.


“Well -I never – that’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. What possessed her to say that?” sputtered Jenny. “And, Sophie, I’m surprised you even know that word.”


Sophie sat back in her chair. “Of course I know the word, but I didn’t say it, Jenny. I’m only repeating what I overheard Madge whispering to some man I have never seen before. We were playing bridge at the Senior Center and she didn’t think I could hear her. You know some people think I am getting deaf.”


Jenny replied, “Your hearing certainly isn’t what it used to be and we both know I can’t see as well as I would like to. After all, we are sexagenariansnothing works right anymore.”


Sophie snapped back, “I don’t know about that fancy five dollar word – sexa – whatever. I only know that sounds a whole lot sexier than we are, and you’re right – nothing is the same as it used to be.” She usually did not speak to Jenny in that tone of voice.She took a sip of her tea and added, “Madge went on to say she could tell because we have such a passion for each other.”


“You are my dearest friend and of course I love you Sophie, but passion for you? I don’t think so. What I do think is that Madge is nuts, insane and crazy as a loon! You know my passion is for working in the garden, then eating the good meals you prepare with the produce, and throwing an occasional pot. I also love to drive – that might be a passion, too.”


Jenny went on. “Of course your passions are very different than mine. You love to arrange flowers, which you do beautifully. Those watercolors of yours are very nice, too. I can’t get over the amount of time you spend knitting, crocheting and doing needlework. And cooking – why, you are a top-notch cook. That Quiche Lorraine you made tonight was wonderful. Those are what I call passions.”


“Madge seemed to be talking about a different kind of passion, but I’m not sure exactly what she was saying. I wish now I hadn’t tried so hard to hear their conversation, since it seems to upset you,” Sophie said in her usual soft, sweet voice.


“I’m not upset,” Jenny barked. “But to hear that screwball biddy Madge call us a couple of old lesbians – that does make me mad! If I thought she could comprehend, I would give her a lecture about unwarranted assumptions.”


Sophie had heard Jenny’s lecture on unwarranted assumptions several times and did not want to hear it again. She smiled and changed the subject…’



To anyone who would like to be a guest blogger on this site. Send your submission to as an e-mail attachment, preferably as a WORD file. I will consider all submissions. Please keep the language suitable for family reading, and please SPELL CHECK YOUR WORK!



I recently finished listening to Harper Lee’s newest release, “Go Set A Watchman” and I can only admire this lady for having thus far published only two books and attaining so many honors – probably the most significant – a Pulitzer Prize for her previously published novel, “To Kill A Mocking Bird.” Allegedly, her current best-seller, “Go Set A Watchman,” was written before “Mockingbird,” but was never published. This lady invented “tough love.” I can understand why the book was not published until now – it would have been too controversial in the 1950s – but today, reveals with, in my opinion, expert writing skills and clarity, so much of what was happening in the mid- Twentieth Century in the deep south. The book is a great read, and sends a clear, strong message to us. It should definitely be on your reading list!



For the nice wishes while I was incapacitated, and to all of my readers. Writing is great fun, but the fun is really in having people read what I write, and giving reviews on the work. All authors welcome reviews, good and bad. It’s the way we learn.



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A votre santé!





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  1. I love reading excerpts from Jim’s & Lorraine’s books. They create such real, believable characters who are individuals & yet people everyone can relate to.


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