Debate (?) Over And Goals Accomplished

All that was missing-

Was the tiny car rolling onto the stage and having all of the CNBC and GOP clowns come piling out! Does everyone agree with me the GOP debate (?) on Wednesday, October 28, was a farce and an insult to our intelligence?


Who cares how Trump feels now that he is running second to Carson? Did not everyone know that the lady, Fiorina had been fired from her position of Chief Executive Officer at Hewlett-Packard? I like Carson’s proposal of a flat income tax rate, but I really don’t care that he did commercials for a shady seller of vitamin pills, or that he was still taking them? Bush sounded like a whining toddler and surprised me with mud slinging at Senator Rubio.

I was pleased to find that “fact verification” web sites cleared up some of the blatant lies by both debaters (?) and what CNBC has the nerve to call “moderators.” I watched the “pre-debate (?) show and all the way through the debate (?) and the interview (?) with The Donald, and my ribs were throbbing from laughing!

I am a registered Independent and I have not declared my choice of the “major candidates;” however, I thought the two candidates who infuriated me the most before the debate(?) actually presented themselves with the greatest professionalism and a serious desire to occupy The Office of the President of the United States. I now have more respect for Senators Rubio and Cruz, although we are miles apart on issues. They have earned the right to the title, “Rescuers of the Debate (?).” At least, we know where they stand and by golly, they held firm to their positions.

Now we hear that NBC is disappointed at having the GOP pull its partnership away from them. Poor babies! They could solve their problems by shutting down CNBC and firing all of the clowns that were assigned the role of moderators!


Murder At Two Rivers is done, and readers of print or EBook (Kindle, etc.) can now buy it at, and listeners of audio books should have something to listen to in a month or so. Hope you will at least look at the version you prefer, and avail yourself of the low prices!

Taking off

In a few days to Laredo for my grandson’s wedding. The addition of his lovely fiancé to our family is exciting! Is there such a title as “granddaughter-in-law?” I can hardly wait!

The presentation

by Lorraine and me to the Longmont Genealogical Society, on self-publishing was very rewarding to both of us. Lorraine’s presentation was superb as always, and I struggled through some babble for which I had prepared notes, then lost them! The Society was gracious, and we were well received by the audience.


To all of you who have visited my web site recently, and may have been confronted with news the site could not be read. I’m not sure how long it was down. I experienced a long stay at the hospital in August, and another short stay in September, and regretfully, I did not visit the site as often as I should. I bear the responsibility for not catching the blunder, and I’m still working with my webmaster for solutions. Please bear with me, and thank you for visiting the bummed-up web page.

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