Primary Elections

Am I the only one fed up with all of the hull-a-ba-loo about primaries and caucuses? There must be a simpler way than what now exists, i.e. each party having different methods of choosing delegates and candidates.
I suggest we delete all of this male bovine defecation, and institute a national primary to be held on the same day country-wide!
Rules would state that no party affiliation is required, but optional. Each candidate on the ballot for the national primary would have to gather at least 50,000 signatures from registered voters to get his name on the ballot. A deadline for getting your name on the ballot is set, and that is the date the campaign begins!
All qualified candidates (50,000 signatures gathered) appear on the ballot, and any registered voter, regardless of party can vote.
If one of the candidates gets over 50% of the votes – congratulations – you are our new president elect! If no one gets over 50%, a “run-off” election is held 60 days later between the top two vote getters in the national primary. The winner of that “run-off” would be president.
It seems to me that this puts the power in the hands of voters, not political parties, and would be a much more economical method of holding elections.
I would like comments on this!

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