Back Again, Healthy, and Humming

I have occupied space on this earth and in this country for the last eighty-three years, seven months,. During that time, I’ve experienced among other things, seven years, two months in a military career cut short by blindness which caused me to be unfit for military duty, a job as salesman for various forms of consumer products, various jobs as accountant for major corporations, a part-time job as a clerk in a men’s department store, a short time as a self-employed operator of a bar and restaurant, the self-employed operator of a vending business, and the self-employed operator of a food and snack concession.
In all of that time and in all of the above situations, I operated on the premise that “the customer is always right.”

I now find myself in a society which doesn’t give a good damn for the customer, or the consumer, or the payor for services – take your choice of designation! Following are just a few recent examples of which I speak.

On a recent trip to a well-known department store to buy a dress shirt, my wife and I were confronted with jammed up aisles of clothing, and couldn’t find the particular brand of shirt I sought. Lorraine spied a couple of clerks who were “yucking it up” a few aisles away, so she went over and asked for help. She was given a wave with the back of one of the clerk’s hands and told it was out there somewhere – just look for it! I’ve got to believe James Cash is not turning, but spinning out of control in his grave!

We recently had trouble with the “box” furnished by our television service provider, and called for assistance. After spending considerable time holding on the line for an “agent”, Lorraine was told that they would send us another box, but the shipping would cost $19. Can you believe it? We pay a healthy monthly sum for TV service, the provider’s equipment fails, and we have to pay to ship out a replacement! The story is not over.
We got the new box, and after several attempts to connect the thing without directions, Lorraine spent hours – yes! HOURS – on the phone with two different “agents” trying to get the damned thing to work. Finally, we have TV service! Think this is the end of the story? Wrong!
Lorraine had to package-up the old box and bring it to the post office to ship it back to the provider, but they gave us a break! We didn’t have to pay for that shipping cost!

We recently ordered food delivery from a local restaurant which has great food. My order was for a good burger with grilled onions and their special sauce and fries, but unfortunately, they failed to put the top half of the bun on the sandwich, and it was not nearly as enjoyable as it could have been. The sad part – I called them about it and asked if that was the way the sandwich was normally served. I was told they normally serve it with the top half of the bun in place, but when I told them of my sorry plight, I got only, “sorry about that” and a damned hang-up! I should have called back and spoken with the manager, but I was tired, and there was nothing to gain, anyway. Sad truth is, I’ll probably order from them again.

Oh, how I long for those good old days when I was greeted by a salesMAN with a tape measure around his neck who knew all about men’s clothing, and would fit me properly in a new dress shirt! A courteous service-technician knocking at my door with new equipment which he installed in a few minutes, and left with an apology for the bad service would be nice, and of course, a good old fashioned hamburger joint with a three-ounce, greasy, fat-filled meat patty flattened out to fit the bun, seared, served with finely shredded lettuce, thin slices of tomato and onion, and dripping with good old mayonaise and a little mustard spread on the top half of the bun – pickles on the side would be frequented with loyal regularity! (Side note: I don’t know what’s so great about six ounces of hamburger in the form of a fist in the middle of a bun with leaf lettuce and chunks of tomato and onion and pickle and bacon and cheese and heaven knows what else – so thick you can’t get your mouth around it and when you do, you choke, it’s so dry!). Enough bitching!

Will soon be up and running. I’m sure I’ve found a good web master in Go Daddy, and from my experience so far, it should be better than what I had with the last web master, God rest his soul! Keep an eye out for the announcement and visit the new site when we have it up and running.

Is coming up soon, and Lorraine and I have been invited to submit writing for their 2016 anthology. We will, of course, and look forward to the event.

Start on July 19, 2016, so I’ll probably be tied up with that entertainment for the next couple of weeks! We’ll talk again after. Meanwhile…

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A votre sante! J.O.T.


published author, louisiana cajun, blind, former resident of Omaha, NE, retired, married, father, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, member longmont writers club
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