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I’m back…
Sorry I have not posted to the blog more recently, but launching of a new book always seems to take away from the time a person needs to write and communicate other things. The good news is: I think this blog post might excite you.

Win a FREE audio edition of…
“Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3”!!!! Be one of the first five (5) people to answer the following questions correctly, and I will arrange for you to receive a FREE audio edition of this latest in the Cajun Tale series. Read on.

Send an Email to jot2321@centurylink.net, with your answers to the following questions. All answers are found in one of my books , each available in either print paperback, EBook (Kindle), and audio, as listed on my web site http://www.jamesorytheall.com.

Here are the questions:

1. What is Mike Delo’s mother’s name?
2. What is Barbara Babineaux’ grandson’s name?
3. What is the under-graduate degree Tee Man Gagneaux possesses?
4. Who was Mike Delo’s first partner in the Omaha Police Department?
5. What was Angela’s mother’s name?
6. What was “Souris” Babineaux’ son’s name?
7. Who is the tavern owner (full name) that is Mike Delo’s best friend?
8. Who is the owner/operator of the Po Boy sandwich shop Cat and J.O. like to frequent?
9. What is the name of the town where J.O. operates his concession stand in the courthouse?
10. What is the full name of Cat’s granddaughter?

Simple rules – Send your answers, each identified with the number of the above questions, to jot2321@centurylink.net before 11:59 PM (Mountain Time), November 15, 2014. Be sure to provide your Email address so that I can send you your prize if you are a winner. You must answer all questions, and get at least eight (8) answers correct to be eligible to win; however, those who provide ten correct answers will be considered ahead of those who provide fewer correct answers. The first five persons to provide the correct answers will be considered winners. Note: I will have the final word on who are winners, based on the number of questions answered correctly. All decisions will be final. FREE audio edition of “Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3” will be sent to winners via Email, so don’t forget to send your Email address with your entry!

Now get busy. Be the first to send in your entry. Good luck!

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Bon Chance! A votre santé! J.O.T.

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Audio Edition of Novel Released


Audio Edition of Cantankerous Cajun Novel Released

Longmont, CO August 22, 2014. James Ory Theall has released the audio edition of his fourth novel, “Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3”. The audio book, brilliantly performed by talented Dermot Daly, is available now at http://www.audible.com/cat’s litter, cajun tale #3, and in a few days, at http://www.amazon.com/cat’s litter, cajun tale #3, as well as on iTunes. A 5-minute retail sample may be heard at the audible.com web site.

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Progress Being Made

I’m excited!
The audio edition of “Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3” is in production. Audio engineers have approved the submission by Dermot Daly and me, and the book should be available for sale at http://www.audible.com/Cat’s Litter Cajun Tale #3 within the next ten business days. Please tell your family, friends (and enemies), associates, and whomever else you speak with. Dermot Daly has done a magnificent job of producing this book. The narrative is in Tee Man’s person, and Dermot has performed him and the other characters to perfection. Look for the audio edition, listen to the sample, and then buy it for yourself even if you’ve read it (it’s different as an audio book, trust me!). Order one as a gift for a friend or family member.

Mike Delo off to a new adventure…
My new novel, working title “Two Rivers”, the second of the Mike Delo series is off to a great start. I’m about a quarter of the way through the story and I’m almost certain that readers will find it difficult to put down once they start reading it. It’s a bit early, but BOLO for the book. It hopefully will be available by November 1, 2014, or earlier if I can put in more time on it, but I think that would be an optimistic point of view!

Reflections on Life and Love…
This collaboration by Lorraine and me is still available as an EBook on http://www.amazon.com/kindle/Reflections on Life and Love for only $2.99. This collection of childhood and later memories, as well as creative fiction by each of us has been accepted as “a great read” by some of our readers. The following is an excerpt from the collection:

Lorraine M. Theall
Spring came gradually, like a sleeping cat opening one eye at a time, then slowly stretching and yawning awake. It seemed we would never see anything but brown and white again. The snow was beginning to melt and run in the gutters so there were large puddles at every intersection.
The day was sunny and bright, but not yet warm. I was glad to be wearing my hated rubber boots because they allowed me to slosh through the puddles and not get wet. I knew I would have the ugly mark on the back of my legs where the boots rubbed as I walked.
Carefully and slowly, I waded through the largest puddles so as not to cause ripples and distortions in the water. In the still water…

Robin will be missed…
What a great loss! Robin Williams was a talent beyond the definition of the word. Not only was he a great comedian, but a terrific and significant dramatic actor as well! I particularly enjoyed his performance in “The Cage”. It will be a while before a replacement for this man is found.

Summer slipping away…
Lorraine and I are enjoying summer. Family visited, and Lorraine traveled to Omaha with her sister for a family wedding. Weather here in Colorado has been very nice and we hope to have many more enjoyable evenings on our deck with the beautiful view of Long’s Peak and the mighty Rocky Mountains!

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“Piercing the Corporate Veil” Redefined?

I wonder if the court realizes what it has done…
“Piercing the Corporate Veil” is a term used by the courts seeking to remove the protection extended to an equity holder in a corporation. This issue is most often directed toward small, “closed” or “Closely held” corporations, and is the most litigated issue of corporate law.

There are many reasons that would prompt the court to attempt piercing of the corporate veil, but for purposes of this discussion, I want to concentrate on just two as they apply to the United America Campaign Funding and the Hobby Lobby freedom of religion cases: (1) Was the corporation being used as a “façade” to promote the dominate equity holder (s) dealings (alter ego theory)? (2) Did the dominant equity holder use the corporation to advance personal purposes? Apparently, the court answered a resounding “yes!” to each question in each case, and took action not just to pierce, but to effectively remove the corporate veil from these two cases.
They declared, God-like, that a corporation is a person, and that as such, it enjoys the same freedoms and privileges as a person. Nothing in my research convinces me that a corporation is a person. A corporation has no brain. It has no conscience. It has no soul. It has no intellect, other than that provided by the equity holders. It can make no choices. The equity holders make the choices for the corporation. The corporation is no more than a robot with artificial intelligence, and can only act when the owners push the buttons. How can a human being, acting as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, reach the conclusion that a corporation is a “person”? My dictionary says a person is an individual, usually a human being. A corporation cannot be defined as a person. A corporation is an entity, (a tool if you will), created under the laws of its home state, solely for the purpose of limiting the exposure to liability of equity holders.

The court, has effectively removed completely, the corporate veil and created two precedents indicating that the corporation and the equity holder are one and the same. The court has not opened a can, but a boxcar full of worms! Closed or closely held corporation equity holders no longer have the protection of the corporate veil. Huge corporations need not worry, because of the large number of shareholders, but the closed, closely held, “mom and pop” corporations have been made extremely vulnerable to liability because of these rulings. But then, what can we expect from the right-wing extremist political types who advocate for huge businesses and have no compassionate for the middle class and the poor?

I cannot condone the action of the court in the two recent rulings mentioned above, and neither should the U.S. House of Representatives whose powers have been usurped by the court. It is not the court’s duty to legislate from the bench, but instead, its duty is to interpret the constitutionality of the laws duly enacted by the legislative branch of our government, the Congress of the United States House members should be entertaining possibility of impeachment of some members of the court!

For several years now, the court has become political rather than the unbiased judicial body it was created to be. Legislation is the duty of the Congress and the court’s function is to determine the constitutionality of such laws. If this is allowed to continue, our country will become something less than countries controlled by oppressive governments we constantly attempt to topple.

Wake up, my friends. This blind man operates from the darkness, but hopefully receives enlightenment from a sense of tolerance and fair play. No one has the right to deny a human being the right to legally do what he or she wants to his or her own body. Congress and the U.S. supreme Court, to prevent you from seeing what they are doing, have wrapped themselves in an imaginary veil of darkness, in hopes that they will succeed in empowering an oppressive and dispassionate small group of billionaires to control our republic. Pierce the veil! They use as their source of light, the ignorance and the apathy of the electorate. Snuff it out! Boycott Hobby Lobby, not the voting booth!

Elect sanity and civility back into our government!

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It’s Been a While…

But I’m back! Much has happened since the last post on April 14, 2014, and I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of the time. The new book, “Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3” is snug as a print edition at amazon.com, and the EBook edition at Kindle.com. Currently, we are working with a narrator/producer, Dermot Daly, to have the audio edition ready for sale at audible.com by the end of July, 2014. It took a while to find Dermot and complete business arrangements with him, but I think the effort will be worthwhile. His audition was great and his cooperation on doing a second audition after recommended changes was satisfying. The first fifteen minutes of his production, which I just approved last week, sounds great, and I know you will enjoy listening to his performance. He really gets into the characters!

Mothers’ Day 2014…
Was spent quietly with Lorraine’s children. We enjoyed a great dinner at one of our fine restaurants in the area, caught up on news, and discussed the upcoming Fathers’ Day Audacious Bash 2014.

Memorial Day Weekend… was great! My oldest son and his wife visited Lorraine and me for a few days and we renewed some father and son bonding. The weekend was spent quietly at home and it seemed like we still had lots of conversation left to complete before they had to leave. It was a very satisfying weekend.

Fathers’ Day Audacious Blast 2014…
Wore this old man out, but I enjoyed every single moment! Three of my children were able to attend with spouses (or should that be spice?) and my grandchildren and one of their friends. I ate too much, partied too much, but again, it was all worthwhile. I’m sure it was my best Fathers’ Day holiday ever!

Working on New Mike Delo Book….
And having loads of fun. Working title is “Two Rivers” and generally the plot will involve Mike Delo’s investigation of a 27-year-old cold case for an old “Swamp Rocker”. I’ve been doing lots of research on “Swamp Rock”, or as some others call it, “Swamp Pop” or “New Orleans Soul”. I get so involved that nostalgia overtakes me and I forget I’m supposed to keeping my blog updated, and that I’m writing a book. I’m sure you will love this one. I’m shooting for a November publication, but that may be a bit difficult to accomplish. Wish me luck.

Thank you for your support and Keep talking the books up to your family and friends, and be on the look out for the new audio edition of “Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3” and the new Mike Delo thriller, “Two Rivers”.

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If I Could Turn Back Time


I find it incredible that since the late nineteenth century, governments across the Western world, spent so much time debating the pros and cons of something as controversial (and in my opinion, unnecessary) as “daylight savings” time. Business operators, tourism promoters, and influential, affluent, golfers and others who participate in outdoor activities seem able to spread their influence to lawmakers whose prime concern is reelection. Legislators ignore the plight of farmers, the health effects on constituents, and the cost of disruption of travel schedules for airlines, trains, and bus companies, in favor of campaign donors.

Farmers, who are responsible for feeding the world, rely on atmospheric conditions, not clocks, to produce crops. Something as seemingly unimportant as morning dew could mean the difference between crop failure or a bountiful harvest. Messing with the clock has proven that during daylight savings time, less production is realized from farm laborers, thus increasing a farmer’s costs, which ultimately reaches the consumer table.

Other studies show the ill-effects of daylight savings time on our health – more heart attacks, unhealthy disruption of bio-rhythms and sleep patterns, and increased rates of suicide and depression.

Have you ever considered what it costs airlines, railway systems, and bus systems to change time schedules each time the government mandates a change of the clock? It’s not cheap, and guess who eventually pays for it in higher passenger fares or freight charges.

“Sorry Mr. Minority Leader, I think the problem in food production, ill health, and increased transportation costs being caused by daylight savings time is a lot of baloney! We get tons of campaign money from the people that favor this manipulation of time, so I am going to limit debate and call for a floor vote immediately,” the Speaker of the House might say.

Several reasons for implementing such nonsense as daylight savings time have been put forth by advocates of the theory, “it ain’t broken, but fix it anyway”. Businesses claim they get higher sales volume. Urban families say they have more daylight to spend time together. Outdoor enthusiasts, like some doctors and other professionals who take Wednesday afternoon off regardless, opine that there is more daylight available for outdoor activities (such as golf, tennis, volleyball, etc.) after work. I can’t figure why these matters require action by the government. Why can’t individuals who find such things necessary adjust their schedules without disrupting the flow of life across the world?

“We are safer,” the proponents say, “and we save money on utility bills. We get to play more golf after work, and we have more time to shop before the stores close.”

Really? That reasoning is right up there with the little old lady who was so thankful because she had more daylight hours to work in her garden! Actually, studies have proven that we save nothing, nada, on utilities. In fact, the manipulation of the clock actually causes us to use more energy. What miniscule amount is saved on lighting, is far outpaced by the use of air conditioning and the cleanup of pollution because of this increased use.

Historical records show that Congress put daylight savings time into effect to accommodate financial markets, allowing trading with other markets in London, Chicago, or the West Coast of the United States. I would bet more than a few congressmen got their pockets lined, and don’t you dare call me a cynic!

As if there is not enough turmoil in this world, the wisdom in Washington is to make the enactment of the policy a state’s option, so a person can stand in Arizona at its border with Colorado, take a step over the border and lose or gain an hour depending on the season! Does that make sense? It’s difficult enough for a modern businessman to consider time zones in his dealings, much less have to throw in whether a state is on “daylight savings” time.

You might ask why a blind person with no light perception gives a damn about daylight or darkness. Granted, it doesn’t mean a hell of a lot to me, until it begins to overshadow the real problems, financial and moral, that face us today. I don’t really care about saving daylight, but I do care about how priorities are assigned to matters that our Congress and state legislators should address. I spent almost the entire seven years of my brief military career learning to deal with “Zulu” and “Greenwich Mean” time. I finally got it down on a three – by – five card and got to where I understood it all, only to be confronted as a civilian with this so-called “daylight savings” exercise. I’ve probably saved enough daylight since this establishment of control was instituted by our legislators, that I could give each of them enough to get something important done before the nightlife begins!

We’ve all heard the utterance, Spring forward, Fall backward”. If I were omnipotent, I would waste no time this Fall. I would permanently turn back time and never again allow some self-serving politician to waste tax dollars by debating such ridiculous legislation. Should any of them even whisper a suggestion that we contrive such a law again, I would spring forward and do my best to see that they fell backwards!

Apology – Please Bear With Me…
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I am gratified and pleased to announce the publication and release of my third novel in the “Cat” Touchette Cajun book series.

Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3 is alive and well on amazon (https://www.amazon.com/books/cat’slitter, cajun tale #3) and Kindle (https://www.kdp.amazon.com/Cat’s Litter, Cajun Tale #3). The following is the press release sent to news media:

For immediate release:

author releases new cantankerous Cajun novel

Longmont, CO-April 15, 2014-Tee Man Gagneaux narrates James Ory Theall’s newest addition to the rowdy Cat Touchette Cajun novel series, CAT’S LITTER, CAJUN TALE #3.

The argumentative Cat and Tee Man attend the National Western stock show in Denver. They cavort with Cat’s blind brother-in-law, J.O. in Winter Park Ski Resort, get ticketed by a cop, and while carrying out the sentence of community service, they begin an unexpected adventure that continues all the way back to Louisiana and ends in near tragedy.

“The suspense, fast-moving action, and strained race relations, will keep you on the edge of your seat, while you enjoy the humor, love and warm friendliness of Cat and associates,” the author said.

Theall and his wife, Lorraine (an award winning author), live in Longmont, and currently are members of the Longmont Writers Club. Visit his web site http://www.jamesorytheall.com.

The novel, as well as other works by me can be purchased on line as indicated above, in Longmont at Barbed Wire Books, or send check or money order for $17.99 (includes $3.00 shipping and handling) to: James O. Theall, 729 Wade Road, Longmont, CO 80503 (be sure to indicate if you want the book inscribed and signed).

Please help spread the word by forwarding this to your Email buddies, or by telling your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (or verbally!) about the book. Your help, as always, is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks for reading this announcement, and I hope you enjoy the book and give it a good review!


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